Level 2

Hello, I would like to close my NBN account.


TPG sent a message saying that NBN was available at my home.

I signed up for a month to month and organised the technician to come and install the NBN with the modem i also ordered. When the NBN technician came to the house he told me that in fact NBN wasn't available to my apartment building. The cables hadn't been installed -- he did a thorough search of the property and evaluated that it would be a big job and would not happen for a while. 

I am not sure why TPG contacted me to tell me my building had NBN. I imagine that is a miscommunication between the installers of NBN and TPG. That being said, I would like to return the unusable modem and to also get a refund of the 10 dollars delivery of that modem and also cancel my NBN month to month account. 


I have tried calling and also tried all the online chat options and at this stage no one has rectified the problem and refunded or cancelled. Please let me know when you'll be able to do this.