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NBnTechnician Broke my internet

Level 2
After over a year of bad NBN, I managed to get it fixed.
It was great for a few months till a week ago.

The kids come complaining the internet stopped working.
I tried to get it to reconnect without luck.

I then had to go run a few errands.
When I leave I see the covers been removed on an old Telstra box at the side of my house and go around the corner to see a technician working on a pole.

I stopped and asked him if he knew he had disconnected my internet. Thinking he is working on someone welded as mine's working fine and I wasn't warned of work being done or an outage to him telling me he is there to "FIX" mine.

The issue now is I'm lying for a 100mps plan and my internet is now so bad I can't open a web page let alone anything else.
Speed tests tell me the best I can get is 21mps one time
Level 2
So I'm now paying for the best plan and given the worst plan at best plan costs.

I've tried many times to live chat for help but they keep saying they are all dealing with other customers please try later ....