NCD Not Sent

Level 2

I have moved from a different ISP to TPG. I already have the NCD as well as the Modem from my previous ISP. I was told that I would be sent the equipment as it was part of the package.


I received the TPG Modem but did not receive the NCD. I am able to use my NCD from my previous provider. But I'm just wondering what did I pay for. I was told that the equipment was free and I was paying for postage, connection and the NBN set up charge.


Is it normal not to received the NCD? Thought I don't really need the NCD... but it feels like I have been short changed.



Dinesh, S.



Hi @sdinesh1 ,

The NCD belongs to NBN and it is their property , if you move house you still have to leave that in same House.

Tpg only provides you modem if you already have NCD onsite. There are different service Class, if there is Class 33 we provide you but if you have class 34 that means NCD is already onsite.

Hope this will help you,