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NakedDSL to NBN (two separate TPG accounts)

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I have an existing active TPG NakedDSL account. Signed up a new account for TPG NBN at the same address, same contact details and same email (and same as this TPG Community account). NBN will be using the same phone connection in my house, so I suppose my previous DSL service will need to be disconnecteded for my new NBN service to connect?


Received this text "TPG Important Reminder: Your NBN service is awaiting activation. You're required to connect your NBN modem. For instructions, visit".

I've plugged in my NCD and TPG-supplied router and set up exactly as per included instructions and TPG video. Neither the Connection lights nor DSL lights are solid. Now waiting for changeover.


Also, if I want to use my own router Asus RT-AC68U later, will it work and what login credentials, if any, will I need to enter into my router (please email) ? Or is it automatic?




Hi @jlei


Welcome to Community! 


I've managed to pull up the account using your Community details and we're glad to know that the service is already activated and shows that your internet is already working. 


As for your router, you can check this Community thread for more information: 

Are the Tpg routers DHCP compatible? 


Feel free to let us know should you require further assistance.