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Nbn speeds

Level 1b

I’m having issues with my nbn speeds 

since connection I haven’t been able to get speeds above 10mbs on a 50mbs plan 

I’ve checked my router, connections etc however cannot find the issue 

can someone please help?


Hi @Mfoenander66,

Welcome to the community!

We would like to offer our sincere apologies for slow speeds you are currently facing with your connection.


Do you experience slow connection using a wireless device(s)? We did an article that will help you improve your wireless connection. You can visit this link.


I tried to locate your account using your community details unfortunately no match.


I'd like to get your account details (Username/Customer ID) and I will conduct further tests.


Feel free to send me your details via PM. In case you need a reference: How to send a Private Message.




Hi @Mfoenander66,


Thanks for sending me your details. I was able to locate your account and ran initial test, it shows your service is connected for 6d 22h 8m and getting a passing speed on the line.


I refresh your connection to our network, kindly run a speed test using a desktop/laptop connected via LAN/Ethernet and post the test result on this thread.


I will wait for the test result, let me know how it will go.