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Nbn technician didnt show up

Level 3
Of course nobody replied to my last post. Tpg admins please explain to me why the technician didn't show up and how is it OK to completely lie to a customer about a technician comin only to realise there wasn't one comin at all. Not even a phone call recieved letting me know if he is comin or not?? I only got a call from a girl that said the technician is running late thats why they changed the appointment from 8-12 to now 1-5pm. I then ask her if its 100% guaranteed the technician is comin and she tells me YES. Now you guys lying to me and ignoring my emails and post. I'm gonna escalate this issue to the TIO since this is unacceptable.

We sincerely apologise for the trouble this issue is causing you, @eduardo23. We have escalated your concern to our Complaints Resolution Team and a Complaints Resolution Case Manager will be in touch to further discuss the matter. Kindly await further updates through Email or phone call within 24 hours.