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Need help with new NBN connection which sux


Hi @Nbnsux, our Engineering Team has received the final report from the technician and they are now assessing it. The case engineer will contact you to discuss the progression of the case as soon as the assessment is completed.


Moreover, we have forwarded your additional concerns to our Engineering Team and Complaints Resolution Team.


Hi @Nbnsux


Our records show that you have already spoken to your assigned Case Engineer earlier today wherein the technician's report was discussed. Based on our recent test, your modem has been connected for 10 hours already. If you require further assistance, don't hesitate to leave a comment.



Level 2
Will this comment upsets me. Not sure why it was made or what you are implying but it appears it was to aggravate. It appears that you are questioning my complaint about lack of internet by implying we’ve used it for 10 hours already. Let me clarify that when I say it it’s not working I’m referring to it’s speed being unacceptable! If we’ve used 10 hours of time that would be in doing speed tests and because they take that ** long due to the insufficient speed!!!!!!! Again perhaps I should be compensated for wasting 10 hours trying to resolve this!!!!!!! As it turns out the technician could not locate the fault. Since he left the PCs - both of them! Can still not receive useable internet and I need them to. I get he believes it’s my computers - both of them! I have to disagree as the Optus cable worked fine 2 weeks ago! The computers are completely different with completely different apps software and files. One is windows 7, one is windows 19, one is years old and full one is a week old and empty. Both cannot receive the internet by Ethernet or mobile 2.4 or mobile 5ghz. I see his reasoning for it being the computers but I’d love to know what you’d suggest is the problem there!? He changed browsers he disabled my virus protection no solution and I need them working! The other is the mobile use. It is still dropping out and slow. My husband is getting different readings to me sitting next to me. Despite the excuses I need my internet to work and ask why would anyone pay if it doesn’t? So what is your next great idea? I await this enlightenment

Hi @Nbnsux,


One of our Engineers tried to contact you earlier today unfortunately unavailable. You may reply to the SMS we've sent with your preferred contact time and we'll arrange another call.