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Netgear RAX43 to HFC service

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I have been troubleshooting for over a month now why I cannot connect to the internet through the router.

Various things that have happened.

I have set up internet to PPPoE
I am using my TPG username and password (now, can someone clarify which one I am using, login to my account, the backend router, or the password that connects the internet inside the TPG backend? I only ask this because I am at my wit's end and I must be doing something so simple and so dumb)
I've had 2different people who have set up their own Netgear modems look at it in wonder.
I have changed VLAN to 2
We have had NBN come out. NBN is working fine.
I have contacted Netgear, we have set it up as a wifi only router and internet can feed through it, so it is fine (albeit very bad speeds)

I am at a loss. I am in terrible trouble and close to giving up on ever hoping for decent internet.
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Hi @Mish_Mash . Are all 4 lights lit on the NBN box?

Username and password are the ones for My Account and Post Office, not the admin used to configure the router, nor the ones for wifi connection, nor the ones you use for Community.

Username has attached.

This iiNet article describes how to set VLAN ID=2 for a similar Netgear router.


Have you tried factory reset and do settings from scratch?


If your plan is BYO router data only plan, or you are on Superfast or Ultrafast, VLAN ID is not used.


Check the router activity log.


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Hi David

Thank you for replying!

All 4 lights are up on stable on NBN.

Had numerous IT techs help me from TPG and Netgear factory resetting and ensuring what I did was correct (it was)

Can you explain more about VLAN not being used? Because mine is set to 2. Am I supposed to disable VLAN? If so, how? If not, I'll keep it to the current settings, yes?

Hopefully this isn't too late to garner a reply. This has taken so long because I barely have time to deal with this problem...

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@Mish_Mash . 

Is the Netgear replacing some other router that might still be working? Check VLAN setting in it.

Do you know someone who might have a spare router, any brand?


On the Netgear, what is the Internet light (below power light) doing? Off, On, Blinking?


If you are on bundled NBN/VOIP HFC plan, the router uses VLAN ID=2. 

If your plan is BYO router data only plan, or you are on Superfast or Ultrafast (both only available on FTTP and HFC), VLAN ID is not used.

If it is set to 2, leave it as is.


Can you check the Netgear system log.

Select ADVANCED > Administration > Logs.

Copy and paste the text of the log here, or attach pictures of the last two pages.