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New NBN Plan

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 Hi There

I just changed my plan from 25mbps download speed to 50mbps but speed test shows only 11.27mbps download and .97mbps upload. I have been on hold for a long time and wanted to know am I doing something wrong. Is there a setting in the router I need to look at?




Hi @Winetosser,


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We'd like to know if you have received email confirmation that your plan has been upgraded.


If yes, can you run a speed test on a desktop/laptop connected via LAN cable and post the result on this thread.



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Hi Shane


I had stupidly selected the wrong plan accidentally. All fixed now and I am getting reasonable speeds. What a plonker I am!


Hi @Winetosser,


I'm glad to know that. In case you'll have queries in the future don't hesitate to open a thread here in our community.


Have a lovely day, Cheers!


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