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Recently Upgraded Speeds (Disconnects)

Level 1c

Recently I upgraded our package to nbn100 from previously having nbn12. I can stream videos and movies just fine, but as soon as i start streaming on Twitch and someone else watches Netflix the whole house loses internet connection and have to manually reset the modem.

We have had TPG nbn since 2014 and we didn't have this problem with our old speeds. Only thing that has changed is me streaming.

We have the modem that came with the install of the nbn (N300 WiFi Gigabit Router).


If anyone has any info on what's going on plese let me know.



Hi @Hardy,


Welcome to TPG Community!


As you said that when you were streaming on Twitch and someone else watches Netflix the internet will be disconnected and you will need to reset the modem. Is it working after you reset the modem? Are you able to stream and watch Netflix at the same time afterwards?


Please shoot us a private message of your TPG username or CID number for us to look into your account.



Level 1c

Yeah I can fix the issue with reseting the modem but it will happen a couple times after that then go away. I have tired to recreate the issue this morning but with no luck. Everything is workiong fine. The only time it happens is around 7pm. 


Thank you @Hardy.


So it only happens at peak hours which is at night. I can arrange a call from our Tech team to look into it later. Just shoot me a private message with your details along with your best number to be contacted.



Level 1c

I will see if the problem happens again tonight, if it does then I will message you for further assistance.


No worries @Hardy. We will be ready to assist you.


In case I was not able to get back to you later tonight, you can contact our Tech team on 13 14 23 (Opt. 2 + 2) for them to assist you.