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New NBN installation has no connection

Level 1c

A technician came to instlal NBN around 13:00 and it was working right away after installation, I had access to internet with 46Mbps download speed. 


10 mins after the technician left, the connection ligth on the NBN box started flashing red and there's no internet connection ever since. 


When I followed the troubleshooting guide and checking NBN outage at (, it shows my address is NOT connected to NBN. 


Is it normal ? any help would be appreaciated, thanks 

Level 1c

I still have no connnectino and now TPG has stopped all phone tech support and online chat disable queueing, this is the only place I can seek help.


Community moderator, if you see this, would you please help ? thanks 

Level 1c

@BasilDV  Sorry to ping you directly, I'm a bit despearte here, any help you can provide would be much appreciated here. I understand your entire support team is WFH to overcome the COROV-19, I'm doing the same here and that's why I need the internet to WFH.