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my NBN parcle arrived but left to my post office for collection.

Level 1a
the parcle arrived at my post office and ask me to collect. There open hours are the same as mine. I cant pick it up. No one asked me the delivery address whem I ordered the nbn. nor the nignature is required for the parcle. What can I do?

Hi @steveguo2000,


If you are not home when StarTrack attempts the delivery, they will leave a card in your mailbox. Your delivery will be held at a StarTrack location or your Local Post Office (LPO) for 7 days before being returned to TPG.

Once we received the parcel, we will be able to re-ship it to you.


You may track the parcel via Startrack if it's returned, then contact our Customer support team via Chat ( to re-ship it to you.