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Good afternoon Community, I convinced my neighbors who has a terribly slow and unreliable NBN connection to move away from Telstra and Join TPG. I get great service from TPG so yesterday afternoon we went to JBHifi to buy them a new Netgreak Modem/Router and called TPG to move the account from Telstra to TPG. That was yesterday at around 17H30. We did the registration with the neighbors on the phone and TPG offered us a new Username and Password to login and start surfing the Web. Its now Sunday 13H04 and at the time of writing this message for help, I haven't been able to speak to the Technical team inside of TPG and I have been on the phone being placed on hold since 09H30 this morning. I feel horrible as I suggested they join TPG but now they have NO internet connection and I dumped them in the dark ages. Does Anybody have any ideas how I can get someone from TPG to make sure the phone line migration from Telstra to TPG was successful and get my neighbors back online please? I'm still waiting (on hold) for the Tech Support team to answer their phones. Any Ideas Team?


Hi @chrismaritz


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We'd like to look into your account for better understanding of the situation.

Please send me a PM with the TPG username or customer ID number for us to assist you accordingly.


We've also created an article that may help you in setting up their service.

Check it here:

New Connection Setup Help