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New connection from adsl2 to fttc

Level 2

Hi there we signed up to Nbn and coming from adsl2 and also porting our landline number
Tpg has sent us an sms that it has been activated
We have installed the Nbn device as well as the router however the Nbn decide is making a clicking noise and a red light is flashing on the line and still is after 60minutes
We are not using the adsl2 filter and using the same line as we did previously and only have one line in the premises
Also have reset the Nbn connection box
Please help as this is a business and we need internet asap


Hi @lemak1234 


We've edited your post as it contains your account information.

Please avoid posting any account or personal information on a public thread as it may compromise your security.


We've checked the account and learned that the service is online and working within specification.

Let us know if you need further assistance.