No Internet for 3 days

Level 2

On Friday 23/12 I heard that FTTP was now available at our location so I applied for an upgrade with another provider (who was cheaper) to FTTP 100/20 from our existing FTTN 50. On Saturday we were disconnected from FTTN and have had no internet since. It appears that the provider I applied with did a deletion of our FTTN configuration with NBN but not providing anything to replace it. I have since cancelled the upgrade order so our FTTN can be re-activated. I guess with public holidays it is expected to take a while but shouldn't it be a simple thing to re-activate a service that was working 3 days ago?


Hi @sando8, if your FTTN account has been cancelled then a new order is required to be raised to NBN Co. 


Please send a private message with your new username or customer ID and let's check on the status of the order.