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No connection box in my house

Level 2
Hi I've been waiting 3 weeks for a connection box to be put in my house as there is none everytime I call up no one does anything on hold for hours it's been put to the case manager and escalated to emergency level and they keep saying they call back but never do. It's been a week at emergency level this is getting ridiculous you are happy to take my $300 new development fee and my monthly fee and do nothing and now they asked me to email them my rental agreement but I don't know the email of the NBN communication department because you don't have it displayed anywhere I've been with TPG for 2 years but now I'm really considering going to a different company because you're not doing anything it's getting ridiculous when it's at emergency level and they say the senior case manager will call you back straight away but you still have to wait a week and then you call up.

hi @Ziggy 

Let  me have a look at  this for you. 

Can you please reply in private  with a User name / ID - or a mobile associated with the account. 
( still waiting for a reply ) 11:02am 


Hi  @Ziggy 

Can you please confirm your address has the NTD installed in the garage, and that  you have recieved the Router already.