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No internet after NBN installation

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I received SMS saying the connection is active.
An email saying the connection is active
The NBN is not active, and it appears the ADSL connection is still active at my previous address. 

I can't connect to router address as per TPG instructions.

I have waited 6 weeks for the NBN connection to be completed, with no access to internet at home. Called TPG yesterday, I was told I needed to wait another 24 to 48 hours for the service to be activated!

I was advised by one of TPG's phone consultants last week that internet access was going to be available straight after NBN installation was completed.

The NBN technician advised yesterday after completing installation, that internet would be up and running within 10 minutes.
I think the information I was provided by TPG was misleading and inaccurate.
I have been paying for a service that I'm unable to use.

I am considering changing ISP at this point.


Hi @pili,


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We were able to locate the account using your community details.


We understand that you were able to speak with our Tech team today and managed to perform some troubleshooting that resolves the issue.


Should you require further assistance, please let us know.


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