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Go on take your business else it will only cost ya $350.00 to cancel. Well do it now cancel!!

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42 Days and TPG have still today have not provide and active connection to my NBN. Which was switch from ADSL to the NBN on the 7th March 2019

This past week TPG has done more effort is seeing that I terminate and cancel my contract for a service that TPG cant make the effort to do anything about providing
Over that week I’ve had 4 phone calls with one women from TPG saying Go on take your business else it will only cost ya $350.00 to cancel. Well do it now cancel!!
With over 11 yes 11 emails about if I cancel my contract and how much Money I have to pay TPG for doing Nothing. TPG has showed me in the past week over that LAST 42 days with no service
the customer paying TPG over $1100 is more important, than provide a service to a contact they have with myself.

Well TPG the balls back in your court prove me that I’m wrong and your willing to do something about it. I like to see that you will have a NBN visit that was Canceled by you TPG for the 26th April goes ahead.
Not like you TPG I stand by my commitments and will still take the day of work and be home for another Home visit 26th April.
Show the over 48,000 people that have been reading by Blog about the whole 42 days so far and maybe the 1154 people that have seen that going with TPG would be a big mistake for providing them a NBN connection, so shown that putting more effort in providing a service than what you’ve done over the last week.


Hi @2731346,


The appointment for the 26th of April is now booked.


An NBN technician will visit your premises to check the service further. Further updates will be given by your assigned Engineer once available.


Kind regards,


Level 2
I have to say after 44 days someone at TPG can respond that is a non Copy & Paste useless babble that mean nothing. I note your reply and say Thank you