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Transfering providers during provisioning

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Hi all.

I am not looking to start a debate over providers but will simply say I am over dealing with Telstra and have started the process to change to TPG. However I want to clarify something before I get stuck in NO NBN loop again.

The NBN was and is connected to our premises as of the 17th of April being 2 days ago. Its syncing up and getting its address and dns server settings etc as I have logged into the modem and can see these stats etc. However its been blocked upline and upon contacting Telstra its because  I have lodged a complaint with them and the TIO. It still in provisioning. I am happy to explain more but unless you need to know why it doesnt really matter.


So my question is when TPG rings me back as arranged on Tuesday and I provide my bank details etc, Are we going to end up in a TPG cannot make it happen untill Telstra finishes loop?


Here is a copy of correspondence from Telstra


I'm so sorry to read that this is still ongoing. It sounds like this is a complex situation, and I apologise for the frustration this is causing you.

The problem with cancelling your order while it's provisioning is that as it's an NBN service we need to be communicating with the NBN; we have our own set of codes, if you will, and so do they. If we cancel the order at this point it can break the line of communication with the NBN, and this can lead to an even worse issue. If the order is cancelled, and it isn't a clean break, this can cause further issues which may take even longer to resolve. During this time the order may become wrapped up between NBN and us, and this could result in no other providers being able to connect you. If you don't want to be with Telstra I understand, you have every right to go to an alternate provider and we aren't trying to stop you; you've certainly had a rough time with this order, and I can appreciate the stress that this has caused you. But your best bet is to let the order complete and then port your NBN services to another provider, as this will be a far less complex way to move your services away from us and should prevent any further issues.

Your case manager truly is in the best position to help you further, they can discuss this in more detail than I can, and work towards a resolution with you. I understand fully how frustrated you are, and I appreciate the patience you've shown. I've contacted your case manager again, and I am confident that they will be in touch ASAP to help you further. I sincerely hope that this is resolved soon for you.

Please let me know if you have any questions. 

- Coda


Hi @secs,


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If you can provide me with your current address details via PM, I can take a closer look at what's available and make a further assessment.


How to send a PM? Click here.


Kind regards,


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Have sent you a PM. I am happy to sign up etc but just dont want to be caught in a merrygoround


Thanks for providing your address @secs. NBN will be delivered to you by NBN fibre to the node which will utilize your existing copper line from the nearby node.

We can organize an application, however, no guarantees that it will be completed immediately as we need to coordinate with NBN Co in order for us to know what needs to be done for the service be connected at your home.

We are literally selling hundreds of these plans each day as they provide:
1. Unlimited data with a Typical Evening Speed of 42.7 Mbps which is great for multiple users at the same time, HD streaming and gaming.
2. Home phone is included so you can bring across your existing number if you have one.
3. A great Dual Band AC WiFi modem is included and;
4. We can waive the usual $99 connection fee if you take an 18 month contract.

This plan is only $69.99 per month.

Let me know if you would like to speak with one of our NBN specialists.