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No internet after installation

Level 3
Hi Team,
I have taken new connection from tpg on 12th december and the installation was successful on 19th december .Even after , I have no internet connection.The DSL signal is not green and blinks often. I raised a ticket 9044766 for the same,as it was line fault and a Telstra team would rectify it by 22nd Dec 7pm. But still now i haven't received any information on the ticket status and the issue still persists. Could you able to confirm when the line fault would be restored and when I would get the internet working? Also request for compensation from the days of installation till connection restoration, since there is no point in charging the customer for no viable connection provided.

Hi @veeraraghavan


Welcome to the Community. 


I've located your account using your Community details and can see that this case has been raised our Engineering team.

After isolating this issue, our Engineers has identified that there is a physical fault with the line affecting your services.The physical copper line is being managed by Telstra hence, their technicians has been requested to be sent out. 


Unfortunately, due to similar issues in the area, Telstra technicians are experiencing overwhelmingly high workloads and tech response times are longer than normal. Currently, a Telstra has committed to have a technician attend the service difficulty anytime until the 26th of December, close of business. Your attendance is not required as he will be working outside. 


I understand that one of our Engineers has been in touch with you earlier today and has escalated your case to Telstra to fast track your resolution time.


TPG is a prepaid service, which means we charge a monthly fee in advance before installation. The initial billing cycle commences when your install is complete. As part of our billing system’s automation, we charge 7 days before the next billing cycle. Therefore if your service is interrupted during a cycle, you have paid in advance. If you experience an issue with the service, engineers we will assess whether you are eligible for a credit as a result of any inconvenience suffered once the issue has been fixed. 


We understand what your service means to you and apologise for the inconvenience.



Level 3
Hi Team,
just now received called from chris from to escalation ,stating the same. Als chris informed that you cannot guarantee on the service to be active by 27th Dec.
If TPG is an internet service provider then it should let the Customer know on the service activation . What kind of ISP says he can't guarantee on service provision.


We understand the importance of getting your service up and running, veeraraghavan. Your case has been escalated to Telstra due to the fault found on the network. As you are aware we rely on Telstra in your area to provide a service.


Due to similar issues in the area, Telstra technicians are experiencing overwhelmingly high workloads and tech response times are longer than normal. We realised that we are your service provider however as a reseller, we have limited control over such things.


Based on the current service level in your area, Telstra will endeavour to restore the service on or before 27 December. 


We apologise for the trouble caused.