No internet still

Level 2
Hi not sure why internet isn’t still working ... it was left as it was when Marina Reefy had it at my address at 5/40 Rathmines St Fairfield vic 3078 ... there was no phone attached to it ... getting very frustrated ready to cancel it

Hi @AnnettReynolds,


I have checked your area and can’t find any outages. To confirm if this is a physical or configuration issue there’s a few things we need to look into.  The first portion of our investigation needs to be with the equipment within your home.  If this all appears to be connected, configured and functioning correctly, then we may need to log a fault with our Wholesaler for further investigation.


We first need to ensure that the WAN light of your router/modem is lit up.  If it isn’t, ensure that the cables between your router and the NBN Connection Device (this is usually a black box with ARRIS printed on it) connected securely in their sockets.  Be sure not to unplug the coax cable.


Upon your next reply please also confirm if you are using the ARRIS CM820, or the CM82000 and what you have found the following lights to show:





The state of any of these lights should be green, flashing green, or yellow.


Please also ensure the thick coaxial cable from the NBN Connection Device to the wall socket is also connected correctly and is straight, not kinked.


You may also want to try and replace some of these cables with spare or newer ones.


If the WAN light of your router is lit up, please complete a factory reset on your router and wait up to 15mins for the device to automatically reconfigure.


It is also recommended, for testing purposes, that you bypass any internal smart wiring in your house so that all devices are connected directly into each other avoiding any potential internal wiring issues.

It would also be helpful to know if the service temporarily reconnects after a power cycle of your router and NBN Connection Device.


If you are able to take photos of your setup and lights on the modem and attach this would be a great help in identifying your connection issue.