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No utility box

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Hello, way back on the 25/6/2019 I had signed up to NBN via HCF because NBN was ready in my area on the 28/6/2019 technicians came out only for them not being able to connect me due to no NBN outside utility box running from pit was installed, so was then given a date (16/7/2019) for that to be completed only to find out that the neighbour had refused entry to access the pit located on their premises and the cable utility box was never installed. Strata which is the complex in live in managed by had informed me a couple of weeks ago that they had received no information regarding it via NBN and the manager (owner) of the neighbours place had not said no nor had any objections which the cable being installed ect via the pit, I had forwarded this information on to TPG and was rebooked for a technician appointment today 1/10/2019 only for them to arrive and still cannot complete the connection because there still hasn’t been anyone to come out and run the cable from the pit to my premises for the NBN to be connected. What am I supposed to do because it’s been over 3 months now don’t have a phone line or ADSL because that’s been switched off and I’m the only resident who hasn’t got an NBN connection nor even an outside utility box connected when I’m surrounded be residents all with NBN boxes and connections

Hi @johnmcgirr1296


I'm sorry to hear that your NBN installation has been less than favorable. I can see that a Provisioning Case Manager attempted to reach out to you today, but they're unable to get hold of you to discuss the case.


I took the liberty to go over your case. I understand that the order had to be resubmitted, hence the reason why an installation appointment was booked to progress the new order. At this point, NBNCo has tagged your order as In-Held because remediation works are required to run a 10-12 m underground Lead-in conduit from the pit. In addition, trenching needs to be done. It was noted that permission is required from the neighbor and Strata to run the Lead-in Conduit. We suggest that you remind the parties involved about the remediation works. The planned remediation date is scheduled on or before October 29 which is subject to change. Further updates will be coordinated with you by your assigned Case Manager.