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I had requested TPG to port my BOOST mobile number to TPG. After spending a lot of time with sales and service department I was told that my SIM purchased at TPG had expired. The lady who attended wanted to help me save my time so she said she will revalidate the same card so that I do not have to wait for a new SIM. I was told by another guy that I will get an SMS within 24 hours confirming porting and then I can activate my SIM with boost number.

I waited for 48 hours and no sms was received. Since my BOOST subscription was to expire on 25th I called the helpdesk. A lot of commotion followed after spending 70 minutes on one call I was told that my TPG SIM was activated on 22nd July with new number and now cannot port BOOST number. I asked them to cancel it and refund the amount. After checking with accounts I was told it is not possible as the SIM is active and I will have to request another SIM with boost number by paying another 12 dollars for the same plan.

This has not only out me in lot of stress and inconvenience and beginning to feel that I made a mistake to by TPG SIM.
Please let me know why should I be penalized for the mistake of the TPG staff who by mistake activated my SIM while she was supposed to only revalidate the card.

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