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Pathetic Customer Service

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So let's be clear, you can complain as much as you like to TPG about the failure of NBN to arrive to connect the service as the appointment confirmed in a stack of sms messages and emails insists that they will and what happens....exactly nothing of course. Talking to an well mannered 'Customer Service Representative' just gets you back to square one. No matter how reasonable you are, no how reasonable your complaint, i.e. I have just wasted 8 hours of my life without the courtesy of any notification from you or NBN despite my own polite phonecalls seeking matters not a jot to TPG or NBN.


Nobody seems to think that either TPG or NBN's level of customer care or even common civility and communication with the client need to be addressed. I find that remarkable. We are all signing up and paying for this. And dont even bother to speak to attempt to speak to a Complaints Department or even so much as a Supervisior to try to obtain some higher satisfaction because you wont be allowed to or they do not exist.


So beware, the NBN roll out appears to be in chaos, TPG have no idea whats going on and no clearly no influence in the matter. They just want to sell you a service which they cannot get connected. My advice, forget the whole thing until issues of installation through NBN are resolved...unless you want to waste lots and lots of your time.


Shame on you TPG and your lack of customer care and awareness.




Hi NigelW,


NBNco will provide RSPs only the proposed installation schedule, but not the details of the assigned contractor or his number of job orders for the day. If a prior appointment takes longer to finish, then the tech may not be able to attend to some of the remaining appointment for the day.


In this instance, we will not be able to provide you any update until after the schedule has lapsed and an update in the ticket is logged. We try to provide the best service, but this is something beyond our control.