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New NBN FTTC setup but no internet

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Hi there,

We just received our modem for our NBN FTTC service on Monday (25/10) and got a SMS on Tuesday (26/10) of “ TPG Important Reminder: Your NBN service is awaiting activation. You're required to connect your NBN modem”. We connected the modem to the NCD and power supply as per the set up video but there is no internet connection. The lights on the modem are on for: Power, 2.4G and 5G but there is no light showing for the Internet. Only the two right lights of NCD are on and blue. I have also waited more than 30 minutes for it to connect but still no luck.
I've checked my installation status on and it says 'your installation is still in progress.

Not sure what else to do to get internet connection! Can you please help?

Hi @hugonimabo12,


NBN installation can generally take 10 working days. Having had a look at your account using your Community details, your connection should be remotely activated. Your service is under Service Class 34 which means TPG will send the NCD box together with the modem/router. Then, customer will connect these devices inside the house. 


I've raised your concern to our Provisioning Team in order to check the status of the activation.


Please expect a call from a Case Manager today.