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Porting a Landline number away from TPG

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I currently have a FTTB Broadband plan with a landline number with TPG. I've ported to NBN FTTN with superloop, the internet with superloop is all working fine. However the phone number hasn't been ported. Is anyone able to assist if my landline number is able to be ported and what is the process?

Level 2

Also, is there a way to use my TPG landline number at the moment as I'm currently unable to use it.


Hi @yanlinglu22, during your registration with Superloop, they should be able to determine if they can have your number ported. If so, they can send a request to TPG for number porting. In may take a few days for the porting to be completed after the activation of your internet service. 


If your TPG service has been terminated, you won't be able use your TPG landline anymore. We recommend for you to contact your current provider about the status of your porting request.