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Problem with new NBN FTTC connection

Level 1c

I currently have Telstra home phone and TPG ADSL2+.

I submitted the information necessary to switch to NBN FTTC. I followed all the instructions in the "quick installation guide - NBN Fibre to the Curb (FTTC)" and when its all plugged in, I get a solid blue power light and a solid blue link light on the NCD with the DSL and LAN lights not lit at all. This is after leaving it for a good 7 hours or more last night (before unplugging things and switching back to ADSL2+ so I had internet for all the things I needed to do today)

Is there something you guys need to do? (e.g. activate the box in the street or something?) Is there something nbnco needs to do?

My TPG username is jfwfreo if that helps you guys find all the details for my account...


Level 1c

I left it running overnight again and no dice, still not working.