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Product Instance identifier cancelled

Level 2

TPG said the NBN was active on 03/01/2018 after requesting the installation on 23/12/2017. NBN is still not active as I'm told everytime TPG activates the NBN, the PRI (Product Instance identifier) is cancelled. TPG is unable to tell me why, but they ask if anyone else living at my business has requested the NBN with another company. I continue to tell TPG no one lives at my business (we are in Australia, hello) and the process repeats everyday! After 11 days of no NBN connection and $40 a day in Mobile Data Chargers, TPG tells me there is nothing they can do but keep trying to get the PRI active. NBN Co reports that only ISPs have access to / can request who has requested the "NBN transfer" to another providered.


No I have to wait 14 days for the Telco Ombusban to resolve this matter between TPG Philipines and NBN Co Philipines. Seriously pathetic service TPG! Thank you for wasting 5 HOURS ON THE PHONE and getting nothing in return apart from $120+ Mobile Phone Bill!!


Sorry to hear this @nobodyknows.


I've seen that one of our Complaints resolution case manager has been monitoring the account. I'll notify them to provide us update on the NBN service.


I'll have someone to contact you within the day.


Kind regards,