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ADSL to NBN move, still not activated

Level 2
I have moved from an ADSL to an nbn connection (moved houses) with TPG for over 2 years now. It has been 7 days since signing up to an NBN 100 plan. I have the black NBN modem and I have received my TPG modem and still waiting for remote activation. I was promised 7 days ago that it'll be max 2 business days for the activation to take place and since it is remotely done it shouldn't take more as I was told. I have this in writing by an email sent from TPG. It's going into the 8th day now and nothing has progressed yet??!! I run a live online radio station on Tunein and have been offline now for this duration! I have called in everyday to ask what is happening and always got told the same thing!!!
Level 2
Here is what I got sent 7 days ago!

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I reviewed your account and learned that our Service delivery team is handling the case. They have sent a follow up request to NBN Co to prioritize the activation of your account. Your case manager is still waiting for the update and they will be in touch once NBN Co responded to the request.


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