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Trouble with phone connection

Level 2

I moved from Telstra to TPG yesteday and internet is up and running. My wireless phone sits in a cradle and cannot be connected to NBN box as suggested in the quick installation guide. Is there any way around this? 

Level 6

What do you mean by "your wireless phone cannot be connected"? Is the telephone cord from the phone cradle too short? If that is the case the simplest solution is to get an extension cord.

A more involved solution is to disconnect the Telstra telephone cable that connects the Telstra phone network to your house, plug in a cable from the phone socket on the modem to your house telephone wiring (either at where the original Telstra cable was connected or at any convenient access point) and leave your wireless phone connected as it was before the switch to NBN. By using the second solution you are driving your home telephone network with the modem instead of with a cable from Telstra.



Good day @makiniki,


The Home phone should work once it's connected to the UNI-V 1 port of the NBN Box. Since we are using the NBN Fibre line, the phone will not work if it's connected to your phone outlet since the service is coming from the NBN Box.




If the cable is too short, @drbob is right to get an extension or purchase a longer cable.


If it's still not working after you successfully connected the handset to the port 1, please let us know so we can arrange a call from our Tech team to look into it.


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