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Purchase a replacement wifi modem

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I need to purchase a replacement modem. Due to a lightening strike (again) my modem is fried, What's to

he process to buy a replacement?

IS there any way to surge protect the phone line to the modem? I have FTTN but from the node to my house the phone line is on poles


Hi @Asida 


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If your current modem/router is out of warranty, then a replacement will cost you $99.95 + $10 shipping fee.

Once you agree, we can process the modem/router order for you. Just send me a PM with your preferred shipping address and payment will be directly debited to the credit card/debit card account linked to your TPG account.


To protect your devices, you may use a Telephone line surge protector and Power adapter surge protector.


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Thanks BasilDV


I purchased a power board with power and phone line surge protection. The modem would not work when plugged into the phone line surge protection port. It seems the surge protection is not compatible with data lines.

Thanks for the replacement pricing. I will let TPG know if I will get the generic replacement or something else