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Query relating to NBN account

Level 2


There's a couple of things I'd like to query, please. 

1.   I'm aware that public holidays & the weekend can affect what day the $$ comes out,  so apart from that,  I was wondering what the date is, that my monthly direct debit is meant to be coming out of my bank account, please.  I have tried to look through my (start up) e-mails, but I can't find where it gives me a date.    Thank you.     


2.   At this stage me & my husband have not been able to work for a couple of weeks now, due to the Covid virus, & so far, we have no money coming in, until we start getting Centrelink payments.  
When our next amount of $69.99 is due, at this stage I will have no money in there to pay it.   I wasn't sure what to do, so thought I would let you know.  Obviously I have no issue with paying it, at all,  😊   I just have no money, so I'm wondering if there's a process you have in place for customers, for this situation?


Thank you.   I look forward to hearing from you.   Kind regards,

 Alison Norrell     PH.  0467 533 058