Rellocation Instalation

Level 2
So TPG how about calling your customer and check up on them, has the rellocation instalation happend or whatever, I am in a Wow mood how your treat your customers.
My rellocation instalation was suppose to happen yesterday - - aaamm That didnt. Happen - -
I waited someone to contact me, nopeeee that didnt happen, so i called and was advised that they Will transfer me to the case Managers and the line cut off... Interesting.... I didnt call back, waited for them to contact me, after 6 h wait i had to call back to find out if I am. Going to get the Internet which i have paid for and havent been using it AT ALL.
So i got the case manager she said she Will contact Telstra, I waited for like 10 min over the Phone and again her answer is Wow... She cannot give me a date for instalation Telstra has some health and safety problems.. Lalala laridadida.... Wow... Your customer service and the WAY you treat your customers is beyond unexceptable.... Now i am i have to pay you for Nothing but your you think that if your employee say "i am sorry to hear that" or "i appologies" that will fix it, SERIOUSLY TPG, you should know better than this....


Hi @Misla8 


Thanks for raising this matter to us.


We apologise for the inconvenience and understand your frustrations regarding the delay in your service installation.


We'd like to look into the account in order to understand the situation and raise this to the relevant team.


We tried to search for your TPG account using your community details to no avail.


Please shoot me a private message with your TPG username or customer ID number.


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