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Relocation hassle,no internet yet

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Update: On Monday, I got an email, phone call and SMS asking me to connect the modem to activate the service.I did that, internet didn't work. On Tuesday morning I called 1300 023 575, lady told me to keep the modem connected and wait for 24-48 hours for service to be activated. As 48 hours were up this morning and internet still not working, I called technical support again. Lady told me that my service can't be activated yet because there is a pending application/cancellation with another provider at this address. Again, I applied for relocation in the end of March,moved to the new address on 26/4/20, I still don't have internet. So I repeat the obvious question: When will I have internet???

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I contacted another internet provider, they will be able to connect me within 6 business days,which is good enough comparing to how long I have been waiting for the service to be activated at TPG. I don't like communicating this way, but the way you've dealt with me is unacceptable. So if the service is not active by 8pm 15/5/20, I'll cancel the application and switch to the other provider.


Hi @nunizm


I have checked your account and can see our Provisioning Team are working on getting your order complete.




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Hi Nuzim, 

Your experience sounds very similar to mine. 

Regarding  POD, I have been waiting over a week to have someone confirm they have recieved these documents. It just seems that there is no actual allocation of resources to these matters and the poor staff have no idea what is going on. 


Have you chosen an alternative provider? I am looking now. I think even cancelling an account with TPG will be very difficult. I try the phone line and the online chat neither work at all. 


I have been able to contact iinet without any difficulty (the former occupants telco), I am not sure why TPG treat their existing customers so poorly. 

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Hi, I was considering Iinet as well, they seem easy to communicate with, but I just found out that TPG took them over a few years ago, so not sure now if it's a good idea.I don't really know how it works, but Iinet apparently still have some independency, their customer service seems to be much better then TPG. I've talked to different providers today, Aussie broadband has very good reviews, seems to have good customer service,might go with them.I still haven't decided yet though.But I'm almost sure I'll have to cancel TPG service as nobody has got back to me yet and I don't think they will.It's just pointless to wait.They even charged me for the service yesterday,that's pretty awkward considering I haven't had internet for 3 weeks.They'll have to refund me for sure,I won't let it be.


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I applied for a relocation on 28/3/2020. I had to resubmit the application on 18/4/2020 due to improper handling of my application. I moved into the new address on 26/4/2020, as mentioned in my application form. As your team hasn't been able to deliver the service within the timeframe given by TPG, even though I have asked for an urgent assistance spending many hours on phone calls/on hold, online chat, TPG community, I am cancelling my TPG account and everything related to it including relocation application immediately (16/5/2020). I am also requesting a refund for the period 26/4/2020-20/6/2020.
Should my request is declined or ignored, I'll take necessary legal action in order to resolve the issue.

I have also emailed the text to and My details are in the PM I sent you on your request on 8/5/2020.

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I have been in the same boat since a week now.. no one is ready to explain or let me know when can I get internet at my new house that I have moved into