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Router doesnot connect to Internet

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My Existing TPG Modem (TP Link) on FTTB Service, is very poor & does not connect to 5Ghz,

So i purcahsed an ASUS RT-AX55 Dual Band Router, 

Connected the TPG Modem (LAN) to ASUS Router (WAN), Registered my Router,

Whilst entering WAN settings on Router Page (PPPoE) i enter the TPG User Name & password which was provided & the same one i use to login to TPG Webpage, i think this is the problem & it just does not authenticate, Internet light on my Router is still Red. Any suggestions.


Welcome to the Community @kuppan1985.


If you want to configure a third party router, then you need to set the main modem/router as a bridge with VLAN ID 2. The VoIP service will not work if it is setup as a bridge.


You can set the new router as an access point instead, since the main reason is the 5GHz band network.


Check the comment from @JovermarL for the instruction.