Sagemcom F@ST 5355

Level 2

I have chosen TPG NBN plan BYO modem. I have Sagemcom F@ST 5355  modem from Telstra. 

I think my connection type is FTTN. How can I set up my modem?

There are some post where I found only options for FTTP type, is this modem not suitable for FTTN? 

My wall outlet is phone connection type!


Hi @mnasir82che


We have limited information in regards to your device, but we can try to set it up.


First, did you receive an email notification advising that your service has been installed or active? 

If yes, then let's proceed with the checking.


Can you see a DSL/VDSL port on the Sagemcom router? If yes, then use an RJ11 to connect it to the phone wall socket.

Once done, using a computer or any device connected to the WiFi or via Wired, open an internet browser and go to 8.

The default login of it is both admin.


On the home screen, go to Broadband and Mode is PPPoE. Then Enter your TPG Username and Password, then click on save.


Let us know how it goes.