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NBN connection not working after following the various user setup guides

Level 2

Okay so followed the connection instructions (FTTN, NBN is on according to the official site).


Can connect to the modem using WiFi, and have followed the instructions for username and password.


In the basic tab it has a tick next to the globe and 4G above right of the globe.


My connection, WIndows 10, is showing no internet when I connect, am currently using the old modem


On the TPG supplied modem the DSL and Internet lights are not on, which makes me think that for whatever reason NBN is not connecting to this house via the phone line.


Please note I am setting this up and do not have access to the TPG account to check things there.


Hi @Jethro


If you don't have access to the account, this means that you are not the account holder.


You may ask the account holder if they received an email notification advising that the NBN service is already active or installed.

If yes, then ask if they were able to use the NBN FTTN service with another provider on the same location/address.


Check if they have another wall/phone outlet to try and test if the modem/router will get a DSL/VDSL signal.


If none, you may try another modem/router to compare.


If everything did not work, then advise the account holder to contact us directly and provider their TPG username and password for us to run further check on the line.



Level 2

The account holder received the email stating that the connection is up and running, however on her account page it states that TPG are still working on the connection.


There is only one phone jack in the house.


Am clearly connected to the internet as am writing this from the house, and using a 4G network wireless setup.


No one is going to buy an additional modem or plan with another company to test connection.


I will get her to contact TPG direct, but to be honest she is not happy with the service thus far


Our Technical team will be ready to be contacted by the account holder, @Jethro.


Have a good day.