Slow Evening Speeds

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his cant be right surely?  Third night in a row I have gone from this at 4pm:


Same as the last 2 nights at 1900 the slowdown begins:


If it does what it has done the last two nights, the ping will climb and the speed will slow to slightly under 20. Around half past 11 tonight it will start speeding up again.   Nothing changed on my network between these 2 tests.  I have since reset  the TCP/IP, flushed the DNS and double checked every setting is correct to no avail. Given it can produce a rocksteady download of 95 during the day, but not in the evening the problem is highly unlikely to be at my end. Couldn you please advise what the actual attainable speed of my line is and my distance to the curb, because something is clearly not right.


Hi @Skeleton 

We've responded to your previous post.


Did you run the speed test via wired or wireless connection? Did you check if only 1 device is connected before checking running the test?


Do you know how to run a Tracert and ping test to check if there's a latency issue? This is needed for us to compare your connection in the morning and in the evening (between 7PM - 11PM).


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