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Still waiting for connection. Really need the internet.

Level 3

Just moved to a new house last week and just picked up the NBN connection box yesterday. You guys sent to my previous rental house. I had to contact Startrack to track it becuase I want to get it by weekend otherwise have to wait til next week.

I connected my NBN connection box to the wall socket. I have two sockets I am not sure which one just plugged in to the one looks newer.

Also connected NBN connection box to the modem. Both are turned on.

Then called TPG yesterday. The staff told me to keep they connected and just wait.

It almost 24 hours I have had it connected....

I attached photos for the sockets. I think they are NBN sockets?


I really need the internet...please help....


Hi @zeroarst


Recent update on your account showed that a Case Manager has been in touch and advised you that the issue is now raised to NBN Co and their team is awaiting updates regarding the activation. 


Further updates will be communicated via phone call or SMS as soon as it becomes available.