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Still without internet connection 4 weeks after signing up


Hi sxyan1990,


We've checked back with NBNCo today and was advised that your NBN service order has been completed with the correct serial number.


Your assigned complaints resolution case manager has also sent you an email today, informing of the update and waiting for your response should you need assistance in setting up your NBN service. You may reply to him via direct mail. 


Also, you may want to check this link on how to setup your NBN-FTTP service :


Kind regards,

Level 2

Dear Thea,


Thank you very much for the resolution to this issue. I have just contacted the technical team and have set up my modem. Since this issue is fixed, may I know who I should contact for the bill adjustment?


Best Regards,

Shixian Yan



Hi @sxyan1990,


I will pass this to the assigned Complaints Resolution Case Manager and request a feedback tomorrow.


Please be advised that this will be subject for approval and investigation.