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Suggestion: Phone Call with Customer Care

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TPT should improve its ways of handling customers' calls. In the same call, you need to say your name, date of birth, customer ID, etc. again and again to differnt people. I am just wondering when a customer care agent transfers the call to a different person, can he/she transfer the customer details as well?  And when a customer care agent transfer the call to a diffrernt team, can he/she state customer's issues to his colleagues, too?  In the same phone call, we have to repeat multiple times of our personal details and the issues we are facing.  We have to spend lots of time to prove who we are and what issues we are facing.

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Mate @zengnan119,


You do have a point, but you need to make sure that you are dialing the correct number + the code if what type of concern you want to raise.

For example: You are experiencing technical issue, then you need to dial the 13 14 23 choose option 2. Then choose if it's for broadband or mobile, etc.


Check this link for the list:



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And how ironic that even with their most expensive NBN bundle, TPG actually charge money to call their support number. You'd think that a company of that size would be able to afford an 1800 number for support, wouldn't you? :-)

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Absoluately agree. That's so annoying.