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Switch my account from ADSL to NBN

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Hey Guys,


I need my account to be activated to the nbn. ncd all light are on and ready to go but no internet from modem. NBN technician says the my tpg account needs to be switched from adsl to nbn.





Hi michaelt27,


This link may assist you and help to check the status of installation. If your installtion has been completed

or while you wait for further assistance if required it may also help to check and make sure your current modem and equipment setup is also correct.


To check your installation status, follow the guide at


 and a short video guide on how to set up your NBN FTTC service. Visit 


Hope that is helpful


kind regards 




I can NBN is up 

Test Type Status Result Last Run Date AVC Test Result Details
DPU Port Status Re-run Test Complete PASS 04/04/2020
16:53 AEDT
DPU Port Number 2
Ethernet Port Operational State UP
Reverse Power State Powered


Please follow the below guide; if still fail, we may need to configure the modem manually, are you using 3rd party modem?









Level 3
Hi Rajens,

I have tried to configure the modem and that still does not work. I have bought a third party modem and that does not work also.

Any ideas?