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Connecting Nighthawk to FTTP NBN

Level 2
I am trying to set up internet at our new place. TPG have sent a modem to us to use, however our lease started after they shipped it and when I first arrived, the modem wasn’t here. So I bought a Nighthawk.

I can connect to the Nighthawk wifi but the router login says there is no internet connection. I have tried connecting to the port in my kitchen as well as directly to the NBN Connection box.

A friend suggested I might need to update my modem’s MAC address with TPG but I’ve not been able to get hold of tech support on the online chat. It’s been 6 days now.
Level 14

What model Nighthawk is it?

The Nighthawk connects to the NBN connection box and it plugs into the regular wall socket.

Have you configured your TPG username and password into the Nighthawk?

New Connection Setup Help

The config of routers is usually fairly simple.