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TP-Link VR1600v and Google WiFi

Level 1a

Hi all,


Has anybody had any luck getting their Google WiFi working with their TP-Link VR1600v?  I have been trying to get it setup and no luck.  I have been reading through the community post and it seems that each post directs you to another post with no actual resolution.

I am also not sure but I actually might have a hardware problem as my Google WiFi is not discoverable.  The closet I have come to a solution is however I can't access my Google WiFi as it is not discoverable and as such can't change the WAN settings.


Any help would be appreciated.



Level 9

You'd think that wifi would always be enabled.

Does the Google device have an ethernet port? Could you connect a computer to it and configure that way?

You'd need to know its ip address however.

On Windows computer, in command window, do ipconfig command.