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TPG NBN support foxtel play?

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Organised to get NBN however I recall briefly reading something about NBN not supporting Foxtel play? Basically I got the unlimited plan and have 2 smart TVs, one will be hooked up to an iq3 box and the other already has the foxtel play app built in. Does TPG NBN support the Foxtel play with no extra chargers or is it covered under the “unlimited” download usage? Thanks

Hi @nkurukchi,


You can use Foxtel Play as long as the devices are connected to your TPG Internet with Unlimited Data with no additional cost. Smiley WinkSmiley Wink

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Foxtel Play is a streaming app, right? So all you need is a compatible device (smart TV, laptop, mobile device) connected to an internet connection and it's ready to go. Download usage you make while streaming to Foxtel Play just comes out of your TPG download quota as normal (unless you have unlimited).