TPG cancel NBN Appointment

Level 2

Kelvin, thank you for the call the notification that the NBN appointment for the 26th April now has been removed from an active appointment, and TPG will notify myself when this date becomes schedule by NBN for the 26th April and you made it very clear that earliest appointment currently available is the 18th April at this time and my current open ticket will be closed and shown that I have an active conncection. well I cleary dont have a working NBN connection and and I'm made to go through the whole crap to have a new ticket raised to get someone again for another day off work and spend less than two mins at my do nothing and say nothing, well I guess thell have to bring there own modem as the last one took my free one


Hi @2731346,


We've responded to your last post. Refer to this thread.


Please avoid multiple posts as it takes us away from being able to assist other customers and delays our response to them.


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