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My username is sirlitchfield

I am trying to change my contact number online through 'update contact & payment details' however when I change the number and tick the box at the bottom to acknowledge it seems like it goes through, but the screen refreshes and it reverts back to the old number.

I have called many times to ask if someone can reset and they advised me to email which I did and have no received a reply.
I don't have my old number anymore and I need to change address and need my contact number changed too.


Hi @sirlitchfield


Apologies for the difficulty encountered in updating your contact details.


You may want to check out this Community article: 


I would appreciate if you can confirm via PM the email address used in sending the request so we can chase the request to our Admin Team. 








Hi @Terry2 ,


Let us help update the contact number on your account to get an access. Could you shoot us your details to better understand the situation.


How to send a PM?





I am in a similar "Catch 22" situation for a new mobile SIM account:

I cannot login to my account because it wants me to return an OTP number which I cannot receive because my "contact number" is no longer in my possesion or active. But I cannot change the number because I can't login, and even if I could change it to the new SIM phone number (0433xxxxx) it appears that I can't activate the SIM without logging in either !? Therefore I presumably also won't be able to telephone support when I'm in range of a cell mast (currently at sea)? An email to was returned as "undeliverable" after a few days.

However, I was able to register with this forum because the OTP was sent via an email, why not for logging into my mobile phone account?

Thanks, Alan Terry.

Customer Reference number: 1198725457