TPG service standards

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I am a new customer to TPG. The sales team promised to provide NBN services and charged me $99 few weeks ago. TPG has recorded incorrect surname and address. I have rung up a couple of times and still no use. I have been waiting on TPG customer service line for more than an hour. Is this the level of service I am expected to receive from TPG??
I'm very frustrated. Thinking twice about moving to TPG.

Hi @Jeeva


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I'm sorry to hear that your installation experience has been less than favorable. Using your community details, I was able to locate your account and review your case.


I can see that you've spoken with our Accounts Team on September 6. As discussed with you, in order to update the contact name on the account, you will need to send a copy of your valid ID to


As for your address, our Provisioning Team has raised a ticket to NBNCo to check for the serviceability of the correct address since there's no record of it currently in NBNCo's database. At 12:04PM AEST today, NBNCo advised that they found an issue with the service classification of the location ID for your address and though it's already fixed, may take another 24-48 hours to be updated.


Updates regarding the progress of your order will be provided to you directly by a Provisioning Case Manager.