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TPG supplied phone number was not 'installed'

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Hi, when the NMB was installed, TPG used the existing non-TPG phone number at our office.  We pay for this phone and want to disconnect this non-TPG phone number.


Question is can TPG revisit the internal setup in our office building to connect our NBN using a new TPG supplied phone number.  The NBN is great,, but the old phone number costs us $50 extra per month, so we need to close that account asap.


Good day @JohnAtWayahead,


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We were able to locate your account using your community details. We'd like to look into it further since we are not able to see any notification that your previous number was ported to your NBN FTTB service.


Can you please shoot me a private message of the non-TPG phone number that you have? We'd like to check if it's the same with the phone number that we've provided you.


Don't know how to send a private message? Here's the link for the instructions.


Kind regards,

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Hi Basil


Thanks for the quick reply, much appreciated.


Our old ADLS2 no is 02xxxxxxx0  This number is provided by M2-Commander / Telstra ... I think


Our new TPG no is 02xxxxxxx6


We do not have a phone connected to the new NBN router/modem yet.  I will attach a phone on THU to see if the phone line answers on either of the numbers above.  Then I can confirm which phone line is used for the new NBN service.


best regards




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Hi again Basil


We have one other query about the new NBN service.  The IP address is NOT static. 


We want to enable some remote backup procedures to our fileserver, so we do need a Statis IP address.  We are a business in an office building in the CBD in Sydney.  I booked the NBN upgrade through the call centre in Philippines. 


Could you check if Wayahead, are we getting a NBN Business service?


best regards



Hi @JohnAtWayahead,


We've edited your post with your phone numbers and email address. Please avoid the posting of personal details on the public page e.g. customer ID, telephone numbers and similar pieces of information as they may compromise your account security.


Your old ADSL phone number from commander / Telstra can be cancelled since we already provided you a new number for your NBN FTTB service. You may contact your previous home phone provider to process the cancellation.


I've checked the account and was not able to see any notes that you've upgraded your plan to our NBN business plan to have a static IP address.


When did you lodge the NBN upgrade order?

Did you contact our business solutions team on the number 1300 365 313 (Option 1)?


Kind regards,