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I switced to NBN yesterday and now I can't access my tv on demand (tenplay, sbs on demand etc.) services. Netflix works and I've tested the connection through the TV and it says connected so not sure why they are not working. Any ideas??




Hi @Tlc0274,


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We have located the account using your community details and we have checked the status of your connection.


At the moment, we are not detecting any fault on the line or network.


By the way, how do you access the TV on Demand? Is there a setup box connected to the TV or you're only connecting the TV via WI-FI for the TV on Demand?



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Hi, the service seems to be working fine so maybe it’s the tv, as I mentioned I can still access Netflix and YouTube on the tv. I’ve normally watched tv on demand via wifi. It worked when I had adsl2 and the pocket wifi I bought to cover the gap between adsl being turned off and nbn connected. 


Thank you for the update @Tlc0274.


Since it's currently working and we can't detect any faults on the network, keep on observing it and get back to us once the issue exist or contact our Tech team on 13 14 23 Option 2 + 2 for a real time support.


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